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common globe control valve 2012-07-19
The most common linear stem-motion control valve is the globe valve. The name comes from the globular shaped cavities around the port. In general, a port is any fluid passageway, but often the reference is to the passage that is blocked off by the closure member when the valve is closed. In globe va
common types of control valves 2012-07-18
The most common and versatile types of control valves are sliding-stem globe and angle valves. Their popularity derives from rugged construction and the many options available that make them suitable for a variety of process applications.
control valves 2012-07-17
Piping valves originally designed as isolation (on-off) valves posing as control valves are the biggest culprit. A precision of 4% and a deadband of 8% have been observed for butterfly valves and ball valves designed for tight shutoff.
the technology of control valve 2012-07-16
A control valve regulates the flow or pressure of a fluid. Control valves normally respond to signals generated by independent devices such as flow meters or temperature gauges.
plug valves 2012-07-13
plug valve acts like a ball valve, but now will not see a plug valve is a ball valve represents the reason why is unknown. I think this is a polymer material that is sealed to prevent leakage between the valve with the ball of the ball valve has been developed that is resistant to chemicals, and ope
control valve application 2012-07-12
Reinstalling the new valve is a matter of reversing the order when removing it. Wrap the threads of the new valve and tighten it up by hand, then give it an extra turn with the wrench. Connect the main gas tube first, then the pilot tube and thermocouple.
pressure relief valves in fluid systems 2012-07-11
Pressure relief valves are in place to help maintain and control pressure in fluid systems. A pre-determined pressure level is set, and the valve effectively relieves fluid whose pressure rises above this level through an additional passageway.
basic components of control valve 2012-07-10
There are three basic components in a typical control valve: the valve body, the actuator, and additional accessories. The valve body refers to the basic pressure valve, the functional valve itself.
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