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One kind of control valve 2012-08-17
Angle float control valves controls the liquid height of the water pool or tower. There is a specially reinforced nylon diaphragm inside it, which separates the valve into upper and lowers two cavities.
Control valves 2012-08-15
You must select the most suitable control valve for your application, as control valves come in various categories according to their operation and construction.
Control valves 2012-08-14
The control valves discussed in this section are applicable to throttling control (i.e., where flow through the valve is regulated to any desired amount between maximum and minimum limits).
pressure control valves 2012-08-10
A self actuated pressure control valve can be used to control the pressure at either upstream or downstream of the control valve. If the pressure upstream to the valves is used to throttle the control valve, then the upstream pressure is maintained at a specified set point and such a valve is known
the function of the lift control valve 2012-08-09
The function of the lift control valve is to regulate the oil flow to and from the lift rams according to the signals transmitted by the ELC calculator.
pneumatically actuated valves-control valves 2012-08-08
Control valves are typically operated with instrument air and are therefore characterised as pneumatically actuated valves. Electric and electro-hydraulic actuators can also be used with control valves. However, they are generally more complicated and thus more expensive compared with pneumatic actu
Function and components of gas valves 2012-08-06
When a furnace is installed, the natural gas valve is calibrated so it properly senses the amount of gas, called gas pressure, that the natural gas lines are supplying it with.
the basic function of the flow control valve 2012-08-03
The basic function of the flow control valve is to reduce the volume of oil supplied in different places in a hydraulic circuit. Is a device used for adjusting or manipulating the flow rate of a liquid or a gas in a pipeline.
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