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high pressure restore valve 2012-07-09
High pressure restore valve: one type of valve structure, due to streamline internal contour and minimum fluid flow, it will disperse relatively few fluid energy.
function and application of the control valve 2012-07-05
The basic function of the flow control valve is to reduce the volume of oil supplied in different places in a hydraulic circuit.
the relationship between control valve and globe valve 2012-07-04
The most common linear stem-motion control valve is the globe valve. The name comes from the globular shaped cavities around the port. In general, a port is any fluid passageway, but often the reference is to the passage that is blocked off by the closure member when the valve is closed.
A pressure regulator 2012-07-03
A pressure regulator is responsible for preventing pressure fluctuation by controlling pressure as it is coursed through an actuator or another part of a pneumatic system.
pneumatic control valves 2012-07-02
Our country pneumatic control valve manufacturing industry started late and relevant factories and department self-designed and produced direct single seat regulator, two seat regulator, 3-way regulating valve, high pressure regulating valves, butterfly valves, long trip actuators and valve position
a double seated control valves 2012-06-29
A double seated control valve have very poor shut off capability. The guiding, seat material, actuator thrust, pressure drop, and the type of fluid can all play a part in how well a particular control valve shuts off. Seat Leakage Classifications There are actually six different seat leakage classif
check valves-2-way valves 2012-06-28
According to this method of specifying, check valves and pre-fill valves would be 2-way valves because they have two ports. However, because these valves are basically single function and have infinitely variable flow paths, their symbols and terminology do not follow general directional control val
ball valves and control valves 2012-06-27
The engineering beauty of ball valves and control valves from their simplicity. A ball with a hole in the middle sits inside passage way that fluid or air from passing through.
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