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YIHUAN control valve 2012-08-02
Control valve is made up of pneumatic multi spring diaphragm actuator and lower flow resistance straight single seat valve (sleeve).
steam control valve 2012-07-31
All steam control valves must have a condensate removal drip pocket piped upstream of the control valve. The drip pocket removes condensate from the steam line preventing condensate from passing through the valve.
a steam control valve 2012-07-30
A steam control valve plays a very important role in the quality of the products that the plant is producing. All steam control valves should have an operational life of at least six (6) years due to available technology and current material standards.
the introduction of control valves 2012-07-27
Regulator has simple structure and reliable action characteristics, but because it is directly contacted with process medium, its performance directly affect system quality and environmental pollution, so to regulator must undertake often maintain and preventive maintenance, especially for poor usin
control valves are automatic control devices 2012-07-25
Control valves discussed in this section are applicable to throttling control (i.e., where flow through the valve is regulated to any desired amount between maximum and minimum limits). Other valves such as check, isolation, and relief valves are addressed in the next subsection.
rotary-shaft control valves in several different types 2012-07-24
Rotary-shaft control valves are available in several different types, each characterized by the geometry of the closure member (disk, ball, ball segment or plug). Compared to sliding-stem valves, rotary-shaft valves typically have limited pressure drop ratings, are less expensive, have greater range
control valves 2012-07-23
Control Valve is the terminology used to a throttling valve which has the ability, or the gradual changing. Is on-off valve including valve controlled? Yes, but rarely referred to as the control valve.
control valves in industrial plants 2012-07-20
The opening or closing of control valves is done by means of electrical, hydraulic or pneumatic systems. Positoners are used to control the opening or closing of the actuator based on Electric, or Pnuematic Signals.
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