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Steam control valves 2012-06-05
In power plants, such as nuclear plants, steam control valves are outlined in the steam chest which is in communication with the saturated steam coming from the steam generator. The control valves in general include a valve bonnet mounted in a valve body. The valve bonnet carries an axially sliding
An actuatable control valve 2012-06-04
Pumps and injectors having a control valve with an adjustable stroke for rate shaping and associated methods for operating a control valve are provided. The pump or injector comprises a body with a pumping chamber and a control valve chamber. A plunger is disposed in the pumping chamber. An actuatab
hydraulic valve design 2012-05-31
a hydraulic valve is driven by a linear force motor. The valve controller receivers a positon-command from the fieldbus via the system controller and drives the linear force motor until the output signal fo the position sensor equals the input value of the position command.
Control valves for use with pneumatic devices 2012-05-29
any pneumatic devices require control valves that are cheap, reliable and rugged. Heretofore it has been proposed to employ a three-way ball valve of the type comprising a valve body having two axially spaced ports, a valve seat associated with each of those ports, a third port located between the o
water power control valve 2012-05-28
water power control valve, its body has on its face opposed to the valve seat a sealing disc which comes into contact with the valve seat when the valve is closed.
control valve Selection principles and maintenance introductionss 2012-05-24
Regulator is self-control system actuators, its application quality direct responsed in system control quality. As process control terminal components, people have newer understanding to its importance, compared with the past.
Intelligent control valves 2012-05-23
Intelligent regulator is the regulator contains microprocessor, can realize the intellectualized control function. The regulator intelligence usually adopts the following several forms
the introduction of control valve 2012-05-22
the introduction of control valve
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