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the introduction of control valves

Regulator has simple structure and reliable action characteristics, but because it is directly contacted with process medium, its performance directly affect system quality and environmental pollution, so to regulator must undertake often maintain and preventive maintenance, especially for poor using conditions and important occasions, we shouldpay more attention to the maintenance work. Main check parts:
1. body inwall
For using in high-pressure difference and corrosive medium occasions regulator, the body wall, control valve diaphragm is often affected by medium shocks and corrosion, must focus on checking pressure resistance, corrosion resistance.
2. seat
When regulator works, because of medium infiltration, fixed seat used thread inner surface is susceptible to corrosion and make the seat loosen, when examination shall attention. To work under high-pressure difference valve, should inspect seat sealing surface whether impact value.
3. valve core
Valve core is adjusting work moving parts, scoured and corroded by medium is most serious, when overhaul, should seriously check valve spool each part whether corrode, wear, especially under the condition of high-pressure difference, the valve spool wear is more serious (because of cavitation phenomenon), should noticed. When valve spool badly damaged, should undertake changing, another should also pay attention to is whether the stem has similar phenomena, or the connection with valve core is loosen, etc.
4. Diaphragm "O" ring and other gasket. Should check diaphragm, whether O-ring is ageing, crack damaged.
5. sealing packing
Should notice PTFE packing, whether sealing grease is ageing, whether mating face is damaged, should be replaced when necessar.

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