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basic requirements

After heavy oil heating mining into steam driving mining, forming a fixed steam injection pipeline, steam distribution and measured typical processes. Heavy oil development steam injection process crucial in three problems is steam assign, measurement and adjustable control. Reasonable steam regulation can realize scientific steam injection, improving the heat collected oil vapor ratio and crude oil recovery, so as to achieve satisfactory economic benefits. Heavy oil heat mining have single well stimulation and steam driving two stages. In the whole block all over the hot mining process, in addition to early only single well stimulation, general is single well stimulation and steam driving simultaneously. Therefore steam station at the same time give throughput wells and steam driving well injection allocation. In xinjiang kelamayi oilfield hot mining site, throughput wells pressure is high (5 ~ 10MPa), steam injection flow is large (6 ~ 10t/h), while steam driving well steam injection pressure is low (2 ~ 5MPa), steam injection flow is small (1.5 ~ 5-ton/h). This means that allocator to each steam
injection well pressure differential is different, a difference of 3MPa or more, must on the dispenser and steam injection wells added between a resistance to flow link to absorb the rest of the pressure. Obviously, this used flow regulator should be able to in a small flow with large step-down function, and in large flow with small pressure drop. This is heavy hot steam injection process to adopt the special requirements.

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