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several types of control valve

The most common and versatile types of control valves are sliding-stem globe and angle valves. Their popularity derives from rugged construction and the many options available that make them suitable for a variety of process applications, including severe service. Control Valve bodies may be categorized as below.
Globe Control Valve with pneumatic actuator and smart positioner

 Angle valves
     Cage-style valve bodies
     DiskStack style valve bodies

 Angle seat piston valves

      Globe valves
      Single-port valve bodies
       Balanced-plug cage-style valve bodies
       High capacity, cage-guided valve bodies
       Port-guided single-port valve bodies
       Double-ported valve bodies
      Three-way valve bodies

 Rotary valves

        Butterfly valve bodies

        V-notch ball control valve bodies
        Eccentric-disk control valve bodies
        Eccentric-plug control valve bodies

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