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difference between a flow-control valve and a flow restrictor 2012-05-09
There is a distinct difference between a flow-control valve and a flow restrictor. The flow-control valve restricts the flow of water to about 2.75 gals. per minute, automatically making adjustments for water-pressure changes.
characteristic of the control valve 2012-05-08
Control valve has the characteristics of simple structures and reliable action. Because of its direct contact with technology media, its performance directly affects system quality and environmental pollution
ZYHSY electronic control peumatic trap-control valve 2012-05-04
ZYHSY series pneumatic diaphragm Y-shaped trap is our company professional developed, designed, produced new generation steam trap according to the power equipment draining
flow control valves 2012-05-03
A flow control valve controls the flow rate based on the change of resistance of the flow channel using a needle to adjust the opening of the flow channel that functions as a small orifice
how control valve works 2012-05-02
The possible uses of the pressure control valve are widely varied and well established. It can be used in two possible ways depending on the application:
the flow control valve is used to precisely regulate flow 2012-04-28
The flow control valve as the name implies is used to precisely regulate flow through it. This is achieved by having a variable flow area from zero to full opening.
control valves monitor the flow 2012-04-26
A rising pressure level leads to opening of the valve while comfortable pressure level is denoted by closed control valve.
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