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Koso 501G: Cage Guided Control Valves, 550G: Multi-hole Cage Guided Control Valves 2014-03-28
501G series is our latest cage guide control valve of large Cv value, and of dynamic stability.
Hora Control valves with electric actuators up to 150 2014-03-25
Suitable for the control of hot and chilled water (0...+150
500M: VeCTor M Trim / 500D: VeCTor D Trim / 500J: VeCTor J Trim Globe Valves 2014-03-20
In severe services of high temperature and high differential pres-sure, KOSO's multi-stage trim (Pat.) promises accurate control and long life, free from cavitation erosion and noise problems, whether the fluid is compressive or non-compressive.
Spirax Sarco CE43 1" (DN25) to 4" (DN100) Carbon Steel Cage Design, Two-Port Control Valves 2013-11-14
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ARCA ECOTROL? Series 8C/6N/6H Control Valve 2013-11-05
The pneumatic multi-spring 812 series actuator shown here is deployed in many applications as a standard actuator. Not only is it robust and explosion proof, it also provides short stroking times, a constant seating force, and is cost effective. The actuator is available in different sizes optimized
501G: Cage Guided Control Valves 2013-09-24
501G series is our latest cage guide control valve of large Cv value, and of dynamic stability. It is suitable to a variety of heavy duty services. This series is characterized by pressure balanced type trim for high pressure drops.
Arca Three-Way Control Valves 2013-09-10
Up to DN 500 in cast bodies In all thermodynamic processes ARCA three-way valves are applied, for example in cooling systems for motor ships, in heating and cooling systems for chipped wood and plate pressing, vulcanising and other presses, in high pressure applications for transferring-, compressi
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