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I have a question about API 600 Standard. I have to issue a Data sheet for Gate Valves 2"-6" (API 600 Standard). If I want a Full port valve, I need to specify this characteristic or all API 600 Gate Valves are Full Port.
ANSI/FCI 70-2 Control Valve Leakage 2011-01-20
When describing allowable leakage, the standard refers to ".01% of rated valve capacity". Rated valve capacity is defined as "the quantity of test fluid that would pass through the valve at rated travel under the stated pressure conditions as defined by the appropriate equations and manufacturers ra
Searching for a miniature vacuum pump for suction cups 2011-01-19
I'm looking for a miniature (has to fit into an enclosure of size 90x35x15mm or 3.54x1.38x0.59in) vacuum pump that should generate a vacuum of 200mBar.
Preventive maintenance of Shutdown Valve (SDV) 2011-01-18
Shutdown Valve (SDV) are used for isolation of process system in case of emergency. i) Should a preventive measure (PM) apply on SDV ?
Valve Material Selection 2011-01-17
I know selecting the valve material for a specific application is not easy but are there any literature that I can work on?
Floatation material for a float valve 2011-01-14
How do I make a closed cell foam (rigid) to use as a float to operate a level control valve (diesel fuel)
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