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High pressure signle seat control valve

manufacturer: Shanghai Fengqi Industry Development Co., Ltd.
Eml: sales@fengqi.sh.cn

Tel: 86 (21) 3652 8716
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product drawing

High pressure signle seat regulative valves
High pressure signle seat control valves


CVPS type high-pressure single seat control valve is upper orientation regulator, valve structure is compact, the pressure drop loss is small, flow is large, adjustable scope is wide. Valve core guiding parts area is large, with good anti-vibration. The leakage conforms to ANSI B16.104 standard. Regulator equipped with multi-spring diaphragm actuator, its structure is compact, output is large. The product conforms to the GB/T4213-92.

technical parameters and performance indicators

body type: signle seat cast control valve

ANSI: 900、1500、2500Lb
flange connection:RF、RJ
flange standard:JIS B2201-1984、ANSI B16.5-1981、GB/T9112~9124-2000 welding connection:SW(25~80mm);BW(80mm)
body material: carbon steel (ZG230-450)、CrMo steel, SS (ZG1Cr18Ni9Ti、ZG1Cr18Ni12Mo2Ti、ZG316L)
upper bonnet
normal temperature (P):-5~+230℃
extand I type(EⅠ): +230~+566℃
gland type: bolt pressure type
Packing: v-shaped teflon packing, containing ptfe leaching asbestos packing, asbestos weave packing, graphite packing

internal components

Valve core type: single seat plunger type valve core
Flow characteristics: equal percentage characteristics (%C) and linear characteristics (LC), reference figure 1
Component materials: stainless steel (1Cr18Ni9Ti, 1Cr18Ni12Mo2Ti, 17-4PH, 9Cr18, 316L) stainless steel surfacing stellite, titanium and anti-corrosive alloy etc


Type: ZHA multi-spring diaphragm actuators, ZVA5 single spring diaphragm actuators, ZVA6 the single-acting cylinder piston actuators, ZVP double function piston cylinder actuators
Diaphragm materials: EPDM with nylon cloth, NBR with nylon cloth
Spring scope: 20 ~ 100, 200, 80 ~, 40 ~ 240KPa (ZHA, ZVA5 type), 190-250, 190-300, 190-350KPa (ZVA6 type),
Air supply pressure: 260-400KPa (ZHA type), 26-280KPa (ZVA5 type), 280 ~ 400KPa (ZVA6 type), 300 ~ 500KPa (ZVP type),
Air supply interface: Rc1/4."
Environmental temperature: - 30 ~ + 70 ° c

valve acting type

using the positive or reaction actuator to realize valve pneumatic close or pneumatic open


Locator, air pressure filter, position keeping valve, stroke switches, valve position transmitter, handwheel mechnism, etc


leakage: metal seat: less than 0.01% of rated capacity, conforms to ANSIB16.104, 1976IV back differentail: with locator: less than 1% of full stroke
Basic error: with locator: less than ± 1% of full stroke
Note: using standard V-shape PTFE packing
adjustable scope 50:1

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