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Dynamic balanced electric control valve

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product drawing

Dynamic balanced electric regulative valves
Dynamic balanced electric control valves


EDRV dynamic balance electric regulator is the product of new generation of the traditional electric regulator. It is the integration of dynamic balance and electric adjustment. As shown in the picture, in the flow system of large loading fluctuation, when the system pressure changes, the dynamic balance electric regulator two sides' (P1 - P3)pressure differential is also changed.
(1) when the inlet pressure P1 rises, (P1 - P2) rises, then electric valve core moves upward. Make opening degree between P1, P2 reduced, core pressure P2 is also reduced; When the inlet pressure P1 reduced, the opening degree between (P1 - P2) rises, and valve core pressure P2 also rises. Therefore, no matter how the system pressure changes, through the electric valve core acting, the pressure differential between P2, P3 remain unchanged. So the electric valves anti-jamming capability is strong, and has the function of dynamic balance.
(2) when electric actuator accepts the valve control signal makes the shaft rotating R direction, the opening degree alos changes between P2,P3. Due to no matter how the system pressure differential changes(P1 –P3) pressure differential between P2 and P3 remain unchanged. therefore any corresponding open position, the transport of water flow is certain, and the actual flow characteristic curve is consistent with not early or late flow characteristic curve, without deviation, so the electric valves have better regulative performance than traditional electric regulator.


Dynamic balanced electric regulative valve constructral diagram(pic1)
Dynamic balanced electric control valve constructral diagram(pic1)

technical parameters and performance indicators

materisl body: ductile cast iron sleeve: SS core: brass diaphragm:sealing electric actuator shell:EPDM PTFE aluminium alloy


Dynamic balanced electric regulative valve(pic1)
Dynamic balanced electric control valve(pic1)
Dynamic balanced electric regulative valve(pic2)

Dynamic balanced electric control valve(pic2)

technical parameters

valve mode type specification pressure differential scope( KPa ) flow scope(m3/h) working pressure flow error flow temperature
two way EDRV1 DN25 30~300 0.2~2.9 PN16 5% 0~100℃
EDRV2 DN32 30~300 0.5~4.7
EDRV3 DN40 30~300 1~7.7
EDRV4 DN50 30~300 2~12.1
EDRV5 DN65 30~300 3~20.4
EDRV6 DN80 30~300 5~30.8
EDRV7 DN100 30~300 10~45.3
EDRV8 DN125 30~300 15~70.7
EDRV9 DN150 30~300 20~101.8
EDRV10 DN150 40~400 30~110
Dynamic balanced electric regulative valve constructral diagram(pic2)

Dynamic balanced electric control valve constructral diagram(pic2)

dimension parameters

valve mode type specification external dimension
length(L) down height(H2) up height(H1)
二通two way
EDRV1 DN25 160 70 265
EDRV2 DN32 180 100 275
EDRV3 DN40 200 110 285
EDRV4 DN50 230 120 290
EDRV5 DN65 290 124 339
EDRV6 DN80 310 150 348
EDRV7 DN100 350 158 357
EDRV8 DN125 400 193 379
EDRV9 DN150 480 193 379
EDRV10 DN150 480 193 379
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